[opencms-dev] Multilanguage: how to switch with jsp-code? ...

Jakob Lemler jakob.lemler at t-online.de
Fri Oct 21 00:08:23 CEST 2005


question of a non programer who read the thread about multilanguage
handling today:

Starting situation:
I have two directories /en and /de with the necessary file siblings and
different locale properties.
Language switchting works great within the browser when I change the
urls manually...

What I want:
One Link per language on the page (from within the page-template), 
so that one can switch at every page from one language to another.

My "Jsp-Problem(s)":
How can I get the URL of the actual page in a template (e. g.
How can I built the right "new language URL" in a template (e. g.

Hope the question is clear, if not: Simply try the answer button... ;-)

Any hint is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!!!


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