[opencms-dev] RE: opencms-dev Digest, Vol 63, Issue 6

Riveira Faraldo, Bernardo briveira at mundo-R.net
Thu Oct 20 16:53:04 CEST 2005

We are currently using FatWire ContentServer and although OpenCMS still has some raw things, like the way to create new structured, XML content (not serious if you have to do so many things to have a new object type, including restart), it looks quite promising. We are giving it a try.

Right now we're using Imagemagick with FatWire for image processing (as it also gives nice features like converting to JPG or GIF, rescaling, vignetting, whatever you could dream of...)

The promised 6.2 image scaler is a step in the right direction, but it is still far away from what is really needed for an image function library.

I know that I'm not (yet :-) paying for support, so I am nobody to ask for features, but I would be happy to see:

	- auto image scaling functions : obtaining the URL adress of an image, you should be able to specify the size (like /scaledimages/100x100/image.gif); then the system, when asked for the image, it would look into a temp folder for the scaled image; if not there, it should scale it, save it and serve it; then, next time it is asked for the same image, same size, it is already there; also, if you need another size you can have it

	- of course, that should take care of HTTP headers for caching in proxies and the user navigator

	- and last, whenever the image is "touched" or changed, every scaled version of it must be deleted so they're regenerated when the user asks for the images

We have already implemented all this with servlets for Tomcat/JSP websites; with FatWire we have almost all of that. 

Could this be easily developed as a "module" for OpenCMS? Maybe we can do the job...

> > String propValue = // obtain "image.size" String value from 
> > somehow CmsImageScaler scaler = new CmsImageScaler(propValue);
> > int height = scaler.getHeight();
> > int width = scaler.getWidth();

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