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Uli Emmerich 2005-09-02 at web.de
Thu Oct 20 16:47:40 CEST 2005


how does this work  if you want to restict each language version / 
directory to a different editor? Each editor would be able to change the 
content of all language versions.


Corsin Camichel wrote:

>Hi Roman
>I can tell you how we did it:
>Our main language is german. So we first create a directory /de/ with
>the locale property de. If this page is done, with all the textes and
>so on, I created a sibling of the /de/ folder with "Copy no resource,
>just create siblings of all resources in the folder" to /en/ and
>adjusted the the locale property. If the user need to change a text,
>it does not matter if he/she is in /de/ or /en/ or /foo/ as long as he
>changes the language in the editor with the dropdown.
>You create with this for each lang. an own directory, but the text is "shared".
>Corsin Camichel
>cocaman at gmail.com
>On 10/20/05, Uhlig, Roman <roman.uhlig at knve.de> wrote:
>>So far everything looks fine, and we are enjoying working with OpenCms.
>>Except one major question we are not able to answer as OpenCms
>>"newbies": Is there an easy way to handle a site with several languages
>>(with several, I mean about 5-6)? As far as we have figured it out, one
>>has to do the following things when adding a new language:
>>- registering the language in opencms-system.xml
>>- create a folder for that language and setting it's locale property
>>- copy over the folder structure from an existing language
>>- create siblings of all files of the existing "main language"
>>This is quite some work to do for several languages and looks somehow
>>wrong. I don't think this is necessary and would like to ask you, if
>>there is an easy way to do this.
>>The language specific stuff is already there in the control code of
>>every file, so why would I need siblings anyway regarding multi-language
>>behaviour? Wouldn't it be great to just set the locale property of the
>>root folder and derive it to the whole tree of the site?
>>Any hints are very appreciated.
>>Thanks in advance,
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