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Uhlig, Roman roman.uhlig at knve.de
Thu Oct 20 13:36:58 CEST 2005


This is my first post to the list, cause we are currently evaluating
whether OpenCms is appropriate to be used as our new CMS for our
internet portals. Our current solution (a Zope based CMS) does not
longer fit the needs of a modern service portal.

So far everything looks fine, and we are enjoying working with OpenCms.
Except one major question we are not able to answer as OpenCms
"newbies": Is there an easy way to handle a site with several languages
(with several, I mean about 5-6)? As far as we have figured it out, one
has to do the following things when adding a new language:

- registering the language in opencms-system.xml
- create a folder for that language and setting it's locale property
- copy over the folder structure from an existing language
- create siblings of all files of the existing "main language"

This is quite some work to do for several languages and looks somehow
wrong. I don't think this is necessary and would like to ask you, if
there is an easy way to do this.
The language specific stuff is already there in the control code of
every file, so why would I need siblings anyway regarding multi-language
behaviour? Wouldn't it be great to just set the locale property of the
root folder and derive it to the whole tree of the site?

Any hints are very appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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