[opencms-dev] getUsers CmsRoleViolationException

Pere Torrodellas ptorrodellas at fihoca.com
Wed Oct 19 15:19:16 CEST 2005

Some partial answers to my own questions...

> When I tried to use the CmsObject method
> in a JSP to get a list of the WebUsers, I got:
> CmsRoleViolationException: Error reading all users of type "2"
> I didn't expect this because it doesn't seem such a critical function.
> Anyway, I was unable to find out what roles are required for what
> specially in the user management area. Can someone tell me if it's
> documented somewhere, or how I can find out?

I didn't find out any documentation, but looking at the code I saw that the
user must have CmsRole.SYSTEM_USER to be able to list Web Users. Again, is
there a full list of required permissions for common OpenCms functions?

> This is just a test: the real thing would run as a scheduled job: will
> have the right permissions, since no user will be running it with his/her
> role?

I found out that you can set a user in the definition of a scheduled job. If
this user has the above mentioned role (I figured out that Admin would have
it), it runs OK.

I still don't understand what roles are associated to the standard groups
(Projectmanagers, Users, etc), and how to associate roles to new groups. Can
someone please enlighten me?



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