[opencms-dev] Problems with Upgrade

Daniel Rhoden drhoden at iiwinc.com
Tue Oct 18 15:32:13 CEST 2005

I was able to get the Upgrade to work.

Fortunately I made a backup of the ROOT folder for OpenCms.  The upgrade 
process DELETES the org.opencms.legacy.jar file.  When the upgrade 
wizard was complete, I just copied the file back in before starting 
Tomcat again.

Another problem with the upgrade:  None of my pages that used JSTL would 
work.  I guess the references changed to those tag lib.  I down graded 
them to their previous version.  It fixed my pages in a hurry, but sure 
hope this doesn't break thing in OpenCms.

Michael Moossen wrote:

>Hi Daniel!
>  your configuration files are trying to install some legacy features. for this,
>the org.opencms.legacy.jar archive is needed. if you do not need these
>features, remove all configuration entries in your .xml configuration files
>referencing com.opencms.* classes.

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