AW: [opencms-dev] Forum Module (mvnForum) for OpenCms 6.x available fordownload

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Tue Oct 18 13:33:51 CEST 2005

hi Arash,
first of all thanks for the module, althought it does not work here
until yet. 
But the reason why is  just peanuts (almost for sure ... ;-))
Tried to install it with ocms 6.02 according to your description. But it
does not work because the mysql jdbc driver could not be found ... (as
far as I understand the error message further down).
In my installation, there is an actual jdbc-driver under
"%catalina_home%\common\lib" (3.1.11) additionally to the version which
comes with opencms in the WEB-INF\lib directory (3.0.15-ga-bin). As far
as I understand the one under the common directory should be found (and
should be usable) by all deployed webapps. Additionally the one in the
opencms tree should be used first... So I do not get what's the reason
why... ;-(
How the modul is "looking up" the driver? Is it possible (or perhaps a
must) to use the tomcat connection pool ??? 
If so, what exactly do I have to include in the mvncore.xml file?
As you can see, these are the questions of a non programmer ...
Hopefully interesting to otherones too... ;-)
regards and tia for your answer!
- win xp sp1
- mysql 4.1.13
- jdbc driver 3.1.11
- tomcat 5.5.12
- opencms 6.0.2
- jdk 1.5.0

mvnForum Fatal Error Message : Cannot init system. Reason : Check your
database configuration. Detail : DBUtils: Cannot get connection from
Connection Pool.

"2005-10-18 12:04:49,278 ERROR [ajp-8019-1] db.DBConnectionManager
(     - Cannot create a new connection in
DBConnectionPool. URL =
java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver
 at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)
 at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)"

The data in mvncore.xml:
         if USE_DATASOURCE = false, use the default built-in connection
         if USE_DATASOURCE = true,  use the connection pool that Servlet
Container provides
         You should NOT change the DATABASE_TYPE below
         By default, DATABASE_TYPE = 0
         NOTE: If your database/driver doesnt support scrollable
               (such as some version of Interbase/Firebird), set
         Set the below options if you want to use default connection
         This is applied if you set USE_DATASOURCE = false
         MINUTES_BETWEEN_REFRESH is the minutes between built-in
Connection Pool refreshment
               Some time your database server is set connection timeout
too low, such as
               5 minutes, that cause the connection auto disconnected.
In this case you should
               set MINUTES_BETWEEN_REFRESH lower than the server
connection timeout value
         NOTE: These values can be obtained from the header of the
               sql script for your database
         NOTE: For compatible with future release of mvnForum, we highly
               recommend that use config your database/driver to use
unicode utf8 encoding
erEncoding=utf-8</database_url> -->
         Set the Data source name if you want to use Servlet Container
connection pool
         This is applied if you set USE_DATASOURCE = true

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Betreff: [opencms-dev] Forum Module (mvnForum) for OpenCms 6.x available

as promised last week (and last year ;-)) an easy to use: 
OpenCms-mvnForum-Plugin Module
is now available for download.
Module Name: org.opencms.mvnforum.plugin
Date released: 2005/10/17
Integrator: Arash Kaffamanesh
Version: 0.18
Download Size: 5.7 MB
This module has been tested with the latest OpenCms 6.0.2, MySQL 4.x on
Windows 2000 and includes the latest mvnForum RC4,
it comes as it is without any garanty and with respect to terms and
conditions of mvnForum and OpenCms licensing rules (LGPL GNU License).
You shall have installed OpenCms 6.x with MySQL 4.x on Tomcat 5.x (Java
1.5 recommended) under webapps/opencms.
Further information and download available from:
Please provide feedback. 
After sufficient testing it could be uploaded to OpenCms 6 Sandbox, in
the case that any of You could find it useful and OpenCms Experts at
Alkacon would like to do so :-)
Kind Regards,
|arash kaffamanesh


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