[opencms-dev] Analyzed but not solved yet: Broken behaviour of contentload/show/info tag

Bernd Wolfsegger bw at code-create.com
Mon Oct 17 17:46:53 CEST 2005

Well, simple.
In the "release()" method m_locale is set to null, but the release method is 
not called from request to request...

From the J2EE Javadoc:

javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.Tag Interface:


Lifecycle details are described by the transition diagram below, with the 
following comments:

    * [1] This transition is intended to be for releasing long-term data. no 
guarantees are assumed on whether any properties have been retained or not.
    * [2] This transition happens if and only if the tag ends normally without 
raising an exception
    * [3] Note that since there are no guarantees on the state of the 
properties, a tag handler that had some optional properties set can only be 
reused if those properties are set to a new (known) value. This means that 
tag handlers can only be reused within the same "AttSet" (set of attributes 
that have been set).
    * Check the TryCatchFinally interface for additional details related to 
exception handling and resource management.



public void release()

    Called on a Tag handler to release state. The page compiler guarantees 
that JSP page implementation objects will invoke this method on all tag 
handlers, but there may be multiple invocations on doStartTag and doEndTag in 


Kind regards, Bernd Wolfsegger

On Monday, 17. October 2005 18:19, Bernd Wolfsegger wrote:
> O.k. A view into the source code.
> The locale is retrieved from the CmsRequestContext ... so it should be o.k.
> But this is done only if m_locale is null. But it is not null. At least not
> after the second request of the ressource (added some debug information to
> the code). So it seems, that somehow m_locale is not reset from one request
> to the other. The value retrieved form the CmsRequestContext is o.k..
> Indeed in the 6.0.0 code there was no "if (m_locale == null)...".
> So why is the value for m_locale kept?
> Kind regards, Bernd Wolfsegger
> On Monday, 17. October 2005 17:03, Bernd Wolfsegger wrote:
> > OpenCms 6.0.2 release notes:
> >
> > ....
> > "Added options to access XML content based on a given locale to
> > <cms:contentload/show/info> tags"
> > ....
> >
> > Well, would have been very nice if this would not break with previous
> > behaviour ...
> > But it does. When not using the new "locale" option, the first default
> > locale is used and not the locale retrieved by the default locale handler
> > class as it was before ...
> > Well, this means scrubbing JSPs ... but ... how can i insert a locale
> > value in the contentshow tag dynamically when it is not allowed to use
> > script inside ...?
> > hm, there was something ... i remember ... anybody who knows?
> > may be I am faster finding out myself.
> >
> > or better, is it possible to have the previous behaviour back somehow;
> > would be a logical behaviour also.
> >
> > Kind regards, Bernd


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