[opencms-dev] Analyzed but not solved yet: Broken behaviour of contentload/show/info tag

Bernd Wolfsegger bw at code-create.com
Mon Oct 17 17:19:24 CEST 2005

O.k. A view into the source code.
The locale is retrieved from the CmsRequestContext ... so it should be o.k.
But this is done only if m_locale is null. But it is not null. At least not 
after the second request of the ressource (added some debug information to 
the code). So it seems, that somehow m_locale is not reset from one request 
to the other. The value retrieved form the CmsRequestContext is o.k..

Indeed in the 6.0.0 code there was no "if (m_locale == null)...".
So why is the value for m_locale kept?

Kind regards, Bernd Wolfsegger

On Monday, 17. October 2005 17:03, Bernd Wolfsegger wrote:
> OpenCms 6.0.2 release notes:
> ....
> "Added options to access XML content based on a given locale to
> <cms:contentload/show/info> tags"
> ....
> Well, would have been very nice if this would not break with previous
> behaviour ...
> But it does. When not using the new "locale" option, the first default
> locale is used and not the locale retrieved by the default locale handler
> class as it was before ...
> Well, this means scrubbing JSPs ... but ... how can i insert a locale value
> in the contentshow tag dynamically when it is not allowed to use script
> inside ...?
> hm, there was something ... i remember ... anybody who knows?
> may be I am faster finding out myself.
> or better, is it possible to have the previous behaviour back somehow;
> would be a logical behaviour also.
> Kind regards, Bernd


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