[opencms-dev] Administration access restrictions

Pere Torrodellas ptorrodellas at fihoca.com
Mon Oct 17 10:57:30 CEST 2005


I have been investigating the possibility of allowing access to only some
OpenCms Administration functions. More specifically; I need to have users
that can only access the Web Users management, and no other administration

The standard folder/file permissions mechanism does not seem to apply to
administration options, and the
org.opencms.workplace.administration.CmsAdminDialog class that is invoked
for Web Users administration is not documented in the OpenCms v.6 javadoc
(by the way, I didn't find it in the CVS either), and its decompiling didn't
help me at all.

This can probably be done by accessing the OpenCms user management classes
from a specific project, but I hoped to save time and effort by using the
nice and already available Web Users administration interface.

Just to avoid wasting more time, can someone tell me if this is possible at
all without deep OpenCms code changes?



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