[opencms-dev] getting rid of the opencms/opencms/ prefix

Sebastian Himberger sebastian.himberger at gmx.de
Thu Oct 13 17:44:54 CEST 2005

Hi Marcus,

It seems your export is not correctly configured.  I suggest the 
RewriteLog to debug. Just have a look on the apache Homepage how to 
configure it.
There you can see how the rules:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/export/.*$
RewriteCond "%{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{REQUEST_FILENAME}/index_export.html" !-f
RewriteRule .* 

are processed. It's important that the handle404 handler is called to 
export your files on demand. Also make sure you've configured your 
opencms-importexport correctly.

best regards

Marcus Popetz wrote:

> At 11:15 AM 10/13/2005, Christoph P. Kukulies wrote:
>> Ah. I though that would be passed magically by the environment.
> Me too...until it failed on me and I scratched my head for several 
> minutes.  :)
>> But there is still some glitch
>> [Thu Oct 13 17:08:46 2005] [error] client] File does 
>> not exist:
>> C:/Programme/Apache 
>> Group/jakarta-tomcat-5-5-9/webapps/opencms/opencms, referer:
>> http://vmkuku/system/login
>> and the icons do not appear. (Open CMS Logo, e.g.).
> I had the same problem and have figured out a work around but not an 
> actual solution.  For some reason, it doesn't export all of the .css 
> files needed by the workspace.  I posted a message to this list but 
> didn't get a response.
> The workaround is to extract the attached .zip file containing the 
> missing .css files into the \export\system\workplace\commons\style 
> directory.
> (You'll probably have to create some of the sub directories)
> Anyone know why this is really happening and has a better solution 
> than manually copying things into the export directory?    I fear that 
> my workaround will not cover all the problems...but it gets you 
> rolling at least.
> -mp
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