[opencms-dev] error in build-single.xml file for modules with additional libraries, fix

Christof Dallermassl ce-christof.dallermassl at bearingpoint.com
Thu Oct 13 16:04:29 CEST 2005


I develop a new module, but did not want the source inside the opencms directory tree. 
So I used the build-single.xml file with slight modifications as my build.xml.

My module needs some external jar files that are located in the 
directory (=${module.input.lib})

The compile target in the build-single.xml file collects all jar files in the
${module.input.libs} directory and concatenates them to a classpath.

The code used (lines 289-296) are:
<for param="archive">
    <fileset dir="${module.input.lib}" includes="*.jar"/>
    <var name="module.libs.path" value="${module.libs.path}:${module.input.lib}/@{archive}" />

The problem is that @{archive} already holds the path and therefore
${module.input.lib}/@{archive} has the path twice. The solution is simple:

    <var name="module.libs.path" value="${module.libs.path}:@{archive}" />

Although my module is built a little different than the modules that come with opencms, the error
described above would also be a problem with opencms-modules. But as none of them seems to bring
additional libraries in the ${module.input.lib} path, no one noticed before :-)

my ant version is
"Apache Ant version 1.6.5 compiled on June 2 2005"
working on Linux, Kubuntu 5.10 (maybe this is linux/windows bug)

Thanks for the great work you all did on opencms! This is just my very small approach to 
make it even better.


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