[opencms-dev] CmsFile.getContents() method problem: transform to String

opencms at biberbeatz.de opencms at biberbeatz.de
Thu Oct 13 00:26:38 CEST 2005

Hallo List,

I am developing a Java class that runs in the context of OpenCms
therefore I have access to the CmsObject. I want my class to extract
the content of a specific file. The file contains plain text which I
want to extract. I tried it with different file types. Same result.

See my code snip.

The problem is that everythings works until I want to convert the
byte[] (is the return value of the getContents() method) into String.
The result of the transformation is an empty string.

API: http://synyx.de/api/opencms6.0.0/org/opencms/file/CmsFile.html


CmsObject cms = OpenCms.initCmsObject("Guest");
cms.loginUser("Admin", "admin");
List filesInFolder = cms.getFilesInFolder("/sites/default/test");
CmsFile testFile = (CmsFile) filesInFolder.get(3);
String fileName = testFile.getName();
int lengthOfContents = testFile.getContents().length;

//returns an empty string, should be a string with the contents of
the file; also tried it without "UTF-8" encoding
String contentsInString = new String(testFile.getContents(),
//empty result

I have no idea why it does not work. I transformed several byte
arrays to string in other programs with the same solution without any

Maybe someone can help me or show me another solution to get the
content of a file.

I cannot use the CmsJspActionElement in some way in a normal class
(not a jsp and no servlet) or is there any way?

Thanks in advance,

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