[opencms-dev] bvr : Site Specific content ?? A replacement for the Bitch !!

Michael, Nick N Nick.Michael at standardbank.co.za
Mon Oct 10 14:08:36 CEST 2005


OpenCms is easy for channel specific Content 
but a Bitch for Site Specific Content

I have a different solution to this problem 

I have a class in a second JSP that I include in my template
This class has two methods

In my Site Specific Content I can handle many foreign languages

and I just add as many new tokens as I want in my setupData() method

and I get the tokens back using my getTokens(TokenKey ) method
By using token calls in my JSP instead of text in my JSP template html tags
I have made every element other than the body text sit out side my template
in my Java Class

Has any one else done something similar ?

Now what would be nice if you could have one JSP and make different
instances on each site or sub site

also the tokens can be loaded from a properties file with an additional
method where you pass the filename / path

your comments ..........please

<%!   // you must use this tag if you want your jsp to hold a Java Class

public class TemplateData{
 Hashtable tokens= new Hashtable();
 public String getTokens(String key){ // THIS IS USED TO RETRIEVE ANY TOKEN
	String result3=(String) tokens.get(key);

  	if (result3!=null && result3.length()>0){
          	return result3;
  	return result3; 

  public void setupData(){ I first call this method of the class to set all
my tokens

    tokens.put("organizationName","Federation of Afrikaans Communities and
Associations of South Africa");
    tokens.put("organizationForeignName","hier kom die boere");
    tokens.put("mainAdverttext","The Webmasters Community Resources");
    tokens.put("mainAdvertForeigntext","hier kom die boere taal");
    tokens.put("webDesignerText","This web site was designed by the web
master (Nico Michael)");
    tokens.put("hostingCoText","This Website is hosted by CMP");
    tokens.put("menuTableWidth","width=" +QU + "153" +QU);
  TemplateData templateData=new TemplateData(); //instanciate object

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You can put all the jsp config stuff into a xml file (or properties file)
and let the user change it.

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