[opencms-dev] building a simple tree nav-left

Francisco Lopera flopera at encamina.com
Mon Oct 10 11:10:02 CEST 2005

I need build a tree navigator like "navleft" of template one. Opening the
element navleft.jsp I see this code:

<%@page buffer="none" session="false" import="org.opencms.file.*,
org.opencms.jsp.*, java.util.*, org.opencms.frontend.templateone.*" %><%
// initialize action element to access the API
CmsTemplateNavigation cms = new CmsTemplateNavigation(pageContext, request,
%><%= cms.buildNavigationLeft() %><% cms.buildNavLeftIncludeElement(); %>
I can't find any reference to buildNavigationLeft in javadoc or templateOne
Somebody have a good navleft builded?
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