[opencms-dev] Error reading resource from path "/"

vlad vladimir.ganitkevitch at rwth-aachen.de
Sun Oct 9 19:04:08 CEST 2005

i have a problem that has already been posted on this list, however, i  
could not find any ideas or solutions within the replies.

i followed the instructions given here:  
(was posted on the mailing list, but i couldn't retrieve the link)

and i get the following errors

If I click in mydetail.jsp, I get the error:  Error reading resource  
from path "/"
If I click in myarticle.html (the XML file), I get this one: Error  
reading resource from path "/myfolder/mydetail.jsp"

there has been a hint about using <cms:info> to resolve some  
path-related problems, but it didn't help me very much, as i don't know  
what creates the problem.
thanks in advance for any advice on how to deal with this.

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