[opencms-dev] OCMS5 - Lucene indexing of page 'properties' inopencms???

Erik Lyons ELyons at cityofsalem.net
Sat Oct 8 00:24:59 CEST 2005

Was this ever resolved or did it ultimately become a "feature"? 

>>> jim at futurate.com 3/22/2005 2:46 AM >>>
I have seen, and use, the simple-search.jsp which is included with the
lucene module.


The only property I can get to display is 'title'!


I have added more properties to be displayed on the search results page
only for testing purposes):

Pagecolour, pagetype and region are properties that I have created 


            String descrip = doc.get("Description");

            String Keywords = doc.get("Keywords");

            String pagecolour= doc.get("pagecolour");

            String pagetype= doc.get("pagetype");

            String globalnav = doc.get("region");



The only things that work are:






My plan is to create a 'detailed search' page which allows users to
from a combination of two results filters (drop-down boxes):


1.    filter on media type (e.g. .doc, .pdf, .txt, .html)

2.    filter on page property (e.g. 'pagecolour', 'region')


The detailed search would search the index created from the root folder
the site.




ANY help much much appreciated.




P.S. This is the lucene part of my registry.xml:


       <docFactory enabled="true" type="page">
       <docFactory enabled="true" type="plain">
          <fileType name="plaintext">
          <fileType name="taggedtext">
       <docFactory enabled="false" type="jsp">
       <! --   <docFactory enabled="false" type="XML Template"/>   -->
       <directory location="/cida/">
         <section>Cida root</section>





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Pls see the sample of lucene module


--- James <jim at futurate.com> wrote:

> How do I pick up the 'description' property of my

> opencms pages with Lucene?




> Can I get Lucene to index ALL the properties of

> every page it indexes????


> > 


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