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Arash Kaffamanesh arash.kaffamanesh at pomegranate.de
Fri Oct 7 13:11:30 CEST 2005


For the 2. option you shall have a look on
then probably you can get an Idea how to do it.



Please send these mails to the list too, as other guys are better than
me and could help you with this complex issue more ;-)

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Hello again.

I agree with you, surely the second option is the best, because we have
del with a lot of users (so the first one it could be bad) and I haven´t

enough experience to deal with the core (so the third one it could be

But I have a problem, how can I develop the second one?

I apologise for any trouble I may cause, I´m starting with OpenCms and
like to know if you please could giving me some advices, telling me the 
files I have to touch to develop this idea, or something like this to
the possibility of understanding this idea and carry it out.

Thanks in advance,

>From: "Arash Kaffamanesh" <arash.kaffamanesh at pomegranate.de>
>To: "'Inmaculada Piquero Buedo'" <inpibu at hotmail.com>
>Subject: RE: New resource in Opencms
>Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 00:32:42 +0200
>1. A simple Idea would be to force users which belong to the group 
>"Articles_Editors" to create the article resource under articles 
>folder. You can achive this with creating groups and set permissions on

>the folders.
>2. The other way without dealing with permissions would be to don't let

>the resource article be listed or to have any detail output, if they 
>are not in a folder with the same name provided as the name of your 
>3. The next Idea could be: You could change / extend the source of the 
>core, so that a new XMLContent resource type could be created only in a

>folder with the same name provided as the name of your XMLContent, e.g.

>articles. But I don't recommend to do that, because then you shall 
>prevent to create any siblings or copy action to this resource under 
>any other folder, which means you have to change the source of create 
>sibling in the core too. In general it is very bad to change the core, 
>let it as it is ;-).
>The 1. option doesn't need any custom coding, but could become somehow 
>confusing, if you have to deal with many users. The 2. option seems to 
>be the right one, but you can't prevent the creation of your resource 
>types as you want. The 3. option is not recommended.
>Kind Regards,
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>From: Inmaculada Piquero Buedo [mailto:inpibu at hotmail.com]
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>To: arash.kaffamanesh at pomegranate.de
>Subject: New resource in Opencms
>I´m starting with OpenCms and after reading the mailing list, you  
>help me with this doubt.
>I´ve created a new resource type, and I have a idea in mind  I´d like 
>I have created the XSD file, the jsp and the XML one.
>I´ve too a /schemas folder and /jsptemplates one.
>I´ve created too a classes folder, with its workplace.properties file.
>I´ve changed the opencms-modules.xml file to create this new resource 
>have put the resourcetypes and explorertypes tags). So when I go to the

>New button, to create a new resource, I choose mine, and all it´s all 
>The idea is that I´d like to have the possibility of stablishing paths 
>where to create this element.
>As example, is my element is "Article", and I go to New, being in the
>/sites/default,I don´t want that this resource be created in that
>folder, I
>want to stablish a kind of path by default.
>Something like, as this resource is type "Article" it has to be put in
>/sites/default/articles folder, and in spite of being in a different
>this resource has to be created in a specific one.
>Is this idea possible in OpenCms?
>How can I developt it?
>I apologise for any trouble I may cause, I´m starting, and due to the 
>fact that there aren´t too much documentation I don´t know how to 
>follow with it,
>and so I have wrote to you.
>Thanks in advance,
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