[opencms-dev] Multi-Language Content and Access Control

Uli Emmerich 2005-09-02 at web.de
Thu Oct 6 18:32:43 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I am planing to build a multi-language website with OpenCms 6. Different editors should be able to edit seperate language versions. 

I started with language specific top level folders: /de/, /en/, /fr/. Among these folders I placed the folder structure of the website (identic for each language) and the content pages as siblings. The I assigned different access permissions to each language version by creating different projects for each language folder. Now, for example, the French editor is only able to edit the French files. The Problem: when the French editor changes the language in the WYSIWYG editor, he is able to modify the content of the other language versions. 

Does anyone knows a workaround to solve this problem? Help appreciated.


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