[opencms-dev] Static Export while publishing in Version 6

Frank Michel frank.michel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 6 10:46:48 CEST 2005

thanks, that setting indeed starts the export after publishing.
But in version 5 it only exported the documents that where modified and
With this setting I still get all documents exported even if opencms has
only published one document.

Is there some other trick to limit exporting to the modified resources only?

Thanks in advance!

Have fun!

On 10/6/05, shishank.mathur at wipro.com <shishank.mathur at wipro.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  There was a thread recently about starting static export when you start
> publishing. Here is what you have to do
>  Make changes to opencms-importexport.xml file.
>  Change opencms/staticexport/staticexporthandler node text to "
> org.opencms.staticexport.CmsAfterPublishStaticExportHandler" and restart
> opencms.
>  Cheers,
> Shishank
> http://goshishank.blogspot.com
>  ------------------------------
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> *Subject:* [opencms-dev] Static Export while publishing in Version 6
> Hello everybody,
> in Opencms 5 I used the feature to export a static version of modified
> pages with every publishing.
> These pages where exported to the webapp directory export/....
> Is this still available in Opencms 6?
> I couldn't figure out how. When I publish I get no export, even when
> setting the export property in the folders / document to true.
> What is working is the static export inside the admin / database tools.
> But this exports the whole page every time.
> Did I do something wrong?
> I'm happy for every hint!
> Have fun!
> Frank
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