[opencms-dev] Providing a module with DB access

M Butcher mbutcher at grcomputing.net
Mon Jun 30 23:44:01 CEST 2003

Again, I'm back to accessing the CMS_WEBUSERS table. I was hoping to
make a module that provided an interface for accessing and modifying
information in that table.

In regards to a database connection, is it possible for a module to grab
a connection out of the connection pool that OpenCMS uses, or do I need
to create my own connection or pool? It looks like the news module
creates its own, and the main pool appears to remain in the domain of
the ResourceBrokers with no obvious ways to grab connections.

It seems that all of the properties for connecting to the database are
readily accessible... but the pool itself seems off limits. Is that so?


M Butcher <mbutcher at grcomputing.net>

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