[opencms-dev] Writing HTML directly into a vfs file

Matthias Schmidt matthias.schmidt at gmx.de
Mon Jun 30 22:01:01 CEST 2003

Well, there's this file with type "page", say "/myFile.html".

The HTML content is in an XML file in /system/bodies/ with the same 
name, so in this case "/system/bodies/myFile.html".

And I guess there must be some way to find the file in system/bodies/ 
and then to insert the new HTML content.

It would look something like this (in my 'dream' ;)):

CmsFile xmlFile = CmsFile.getMeTheSystemBodiesFile();

I looked all my way through the CmsObject and CmsFile and CmsResource.

Got any hints?

David Currie wrote:
> Hi Matthias.
> Can you be a little more specific about what you are trying to do?  I
> have various fragments of code I've written that might help you, but I
> need to know more about the context.  Are you going to do this from a
> Content Definition?  A JSP?  A class called from a JSP?  etc.
> Basically, you should look at the CmsResource.createResource() calls. 
> You need to have a CmsResource object available, which is why I asked
> those questions above.
> By the way, /system/bodies/* is only used for files of type PAGE.  If
> you just want to create a PLAIN file in the VFS, all you have to do is
> include the file path and body in the arguments to createResource() and
> you're done.
> Hope this helps.
> Dave
> On Fri, 2003-06-27 at 12:13, Matthias Schmidt wrote:
>>Hi list,
>>I have to write a Class that can directly write HTML code into a file in the
>>vfs. I know that the file content of a file
>>really is stored in a file
>>inside an XML tag. I guess, there MUST be an OpenCms method that does
>>exactly that for me, but I cannot find it. Has anybody got a hint for 
>>me? The Code
>>and HTML editors must be using it, but I still cannot find it.
>>Thanks in advance!

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