[opencms-dev] Editing a web site

Srikanth Addala SAddala at ifmc.org
Mon Jun 30 15:43:01 CEST 2003

Hi Every body,
I am new to the Open CMS community. I am researching the features of
OpenCMS and comparing it with some other products. I was wondering if
the following feature is already developed by some one in the community
(and/or if it is easy to implement). 

Is there a way to edit the web site/pages of the site, right from the
web site with out having to login into the back-office of the CMS. When
a user with permissions (appropriate roles) to create/edit/publish
content logs into the web site (we can probably create a new login
interface that uses the cms_users, cms_webusers tables) they will see a
link to "Edit this Page" (or some thing like that), this feature exists
in Microsoft Content Management system which is an interesting feature
if you have completely non-technical content contributors, I want to see
if it is possible with OpenCMS. As I was going through the documentation
I found some thing like OpenCMS is a project based application so we
need Offline and Online versions of a web site and we usually edit the
offline part and publish it to make it online. 
But I was wondering if we can do some customization to make some thing
like this work. 

Please let me know if any of you have done some thing like this and/or
if any of you have ideas about how this can be done (if it can be). I
will really appreciate all your help.

Thank you,
Sri Addala.

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