[opencms-dev] issues with OpenCMS

Nicolas Delsaux nicolas.delsaux at online.fr
Mon Jun 30 11:34:01 CEST 2003

On Mon, 30 Jun 2003 09:34:48 +0200, Nicolas Delsaux 
<nicolas.delsaux at online.fr> wrote:
> OK, I found out how to migrate one OpenCMS installation. Here are the 
> required steps.
> I name target the machine where the site will go, and source the machine 
> where it is already installed.
> This migration process is described for two machines using same Tomcat, 
> MySQL and JDK.
> 1 - Stop all running Tomcat instances (I do not know if it is useful, but 
> thanks to this mean, no modifications are done on any of those sites.
> 2 - On target machine, delete the opencms database (thanks to the drop 
> database command of mysql : mysql> drop database opencms;)
> 3 - On the source machine, dump the opencms database : mysqldump --user=u 
> - p opencms > opencms.dump
> 4 - copy the dump file from source to target.
> 5 - On the target machine, create an empty opencms database : mysql > 
> create database opencms;
> 6 - Read the dump file as a MySQL script mysql > use opencms; mysql > 
> source opencms.dump;
> 7 - Restart the Tomcat engine. And dance for me, baby :-)
> And indeed, it fully works : all is copied, included images, modules, and 
> so on ...

Well, in fact, I have to confess that it does not completely works.
I had in my own module a jsp that was using dynamic content provided by RSS 
feeds. And the copy process broke the classpoath, making bunch of 
exceptions. So, I removed the module, reinsert it, and it ever not seems to 
So, if someone has an idea on how to put clear classpath entries, it would 
really be helpful.

Nicolas Delsaux

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