[opencms-dev] Embeded ASP ?

David Seikel david.seikel at icemedia.com.au
Mon Jun 30 11:07:02 CEST 2003

Mark Miller wrote:
> Is there a way that I can turn processing of a certain page off ??? I 
> want to export my pages to an IIS server and want to be able to use ASP 
> …. I know, why use asp … but all our pages were previously on IIS and I 
> don’t want to start converting all my scripts to php or perl. I thought 
> about putting the asp content in a normal text file and then importing 
> this into the content body 

OpenCMS doesn't really care what sort of text you include in the CDATA 
of a template.  I have written a CSV exporter by simply writing a CSV 
version of the template used to produce the original HTMl.  The same 
data and Java class is used to populate a HTML table and a Java bar 
charting applet, with the applet getting its data by asking OpenCMS for 
the CSV version.  So long as the sequence ']]>' is not used, OpenCMS can 
handle any textual data, including PHP and perl scripts.  I know nothing 
about asp, but the same is likely to apply.

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