[opencms-dev] upgrade from 5.0 beta to 5.0 final

Sven Dittmar dittmar at rus.uni-stuttgart.de
Mon Jun 30 11:02:02 CEST 2003

Hi there,

I tried to upgrade from 5rc2 to 5.0 today. I have two installations on 
the same linux box and copied the ZIP-file to the new installed 

But the upgrade Did not work!
When I want to view or edit an imported file I get
"HTTP error 404: The requested resource() is not available".

Importing went fine (used the ZIP-file which I created int rc2 excluding 
systemfolders but including users).

Everything looks okay in Version 5.0, just the content seems to be 
missing. Any ideas?

I guess I will have to add my 20 projects one by one manually, right?

Thanks for any helping input,

Eicher Rene wrote:
> Thank you Niki
> I think there is no better way of upgrading...
> rene
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> Subject: AW: [opencms-dev] upgrade from 5.0 beta to 5.0 final
>>Im not a professional, but this was a passable way for me to upgrade:
>>Export the following things:
>>- your Content
>>- your users
>>- your modules (if any)
>>Just to be on the safe side
>>- make a backup of OpenCms
>>- make a backup of your data base
>>Uninstall the old OpenCms.
>>Drop your database.
>>Install the new OpenCMS.
>>Import the previously exported .zip-files into the new OpenCms.
>>--> Done.
>>Maybe there is a better way of upgrading (hints are welcome) - but
>>this was my way.
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>>>Betreff: [opencms-dev] upgrade from 5.0 beta to 5.0 final
>>>hi list
>>>is there a really easy way to do upgrade the 5.0 beta version
>>>to the 5.0 final version?
>>>thank you for any hints and tips
>>>regards rene

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