[opencms-dev] same content, different template sets?

Ray Glendenning ray.glendenning at hackery.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 29 16:24:02 CEST 2003


Please look in the archive for when I asked about this previously
I also needed 'soft navigation' so the content can be navigated differently
from the vfs layout.


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> Yep, that's exactly what I am looking for. I'll try to find out how to
> work with sessions in JSP (I only have experience with PHP, so I may
> just have to go some documentation and howtos) and work out an
> architecture that looks like this:
> /index.jsp
> /chapter1.jsp
> /chapter2.jsp
> /...
> /html-content/index.html
> /html-content/chapter1.html
> /html-content/chapter2.html
> /html-content/...
> /system/modules/.../jsptemplates/skin1/index.jsp
> /system/modules/.../jsptemplates/skin1/chapter.jsp
> /system/modules/.../jsptemplates/skin2/index.jsp
> /system/modules/.../jsptemplates/skin2/chapter.jsp
> What should happen is, that the first access goes for example to:
> chapter1.jsp?skin=1
> The JSP then creates a new session and stores the skin id for this
> session. Every other JSP just reads this data and uses the appropriate
> template file and includes the html content file which can be edited
> with the WYSIWYG editor. So I have only one set of JSPs what enables
> my content maintainers tu use site internal links for example from
> chapter1.jsp to chapter2.jsp. The session variable will take care that
> during the session the right design/template set is used. Only one
> initial call to a JSP with the skin id is necessary to change the
> default template set.
> For me this seems to be the right way, but by now it's just working in
> my head. I have to do some reading and testing, but I don't see why
> this shouldn't work.
> You just have to take care, that if you use only subsets of the whole
> content files in the "skins", you mustn't create links to other
> subsets, otherwise you'll break your navigation and may present
> content which shouldn't be presented.
> > This is something which we needed when I was evaluating opencms.  I work
> > a University and the powers above wanted a 'staff' and a 'student'
> > and these would have to share some content and have totally different
> > navigation/template.  I even tried pointing two documents to one body
> > this totally confused the editor and would break things :-(
> al
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