[opencms-dev] multiple content areas

Stephen Scholtz stephen at bluespark.com
Fri Jun 27 17:25:55 CEST 2003

Mark Foley wrote:
> Interesting question -- we are trying to do this as well, and 
> if anybody
> knows what to do we'd be interested in hearing it.  Is this 
> an incomplete
> area of JSP Template support in OpenCms 5???

Noel Gelineau wrote:
> I've been trying to define multiple content areas using JSP 
> templates but I
> can't seem to quite get there.  I've enabled the multiple 
> content view for
> the WYSIWYG editor which is fine.  Can somebody give me a very simple
> example on how the XML and JSP template files would look like 
> for 2 content
> areas.

First, Noel, what is the "multiple content view" you've enabled in the
WYSIWYG editor?

Second, I think what you guys are trying to accomplish is basically edit
just one page, but have two WYSIWYG editors pop up on the edit page, for
two different areas of the page, right?  I think the basic JSP template
scheme in OpenCMS is built only to deal with a single field of content
(ie. one block of content edited by one WYSIWYG).

In order to build something that had two or more WYSIWYG editors (plus
other regular text fields if you wanted), you'd have to build your own
Content Definitions and Back Office Module to handle those Definitions
(if my research is correct).  This also means setting up your own tables
to deal with this extra content.

Right now, the documentation for making your own Content Definitions and
Back Office Modules is pretty sparse, so I guess until the source code
for v5.0 of the fabled "News Module" is released, we're probably out of
luck. (I could be wrong, but so far I haven't seen evidence to the

Any veterans of the list care to correct me?  I've only been here for
bit, but that's what I've gathered so far about the product.

  Stephen Scholtz
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