[opencms-dev] issues with OpenCMS

Rene Hinojosa R_Hinojosa at Cityofsouthfield.com
Fri Jun 27 16:43:01 CEST 2003


I moved DB servers recently and I've tried the sqldump method with problems also. 

What I did do is create a new module and include all the html pages as a module dependency. The module setup lets you specify which directories your module will depend on. I choose the directory one level in(/internet) Then I exported the module which will zip up all the files including the content from /internet. Import the resulting file into the new vfs and everything should be good.


>>> martin.koeck at gmx.net 06/27/03 10:10AM >>>

> Hi, After having fully developped my web-app, I've uploaded it to 
> another server. For that, I've took the MySQL database and used a dump 
> to reload the other side.

i guess you tried to move a complete site -- if thats the case i might 
have something for you.

i tried to move a site by a complete mysqldump some days ago. to my very 
surprise i had a lot of problems after that that i could not solve by 
re-publishing, restarting tomcat etc etc

an excerpt from my list: wrong list of modules (where is the list of 
modules kept ? not in the db ?), broken links to resources (message.key) 
etc etc

my solution: besides export/import of db i copied the complete 
<tomcat>/webapps/opencms to the target machine. is a terrible hack but 
solved all the problems  :-)

BTW if anybody has a better idea for "move a complete site" i'd love to 
know it.


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