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Fri Jun 27 14:52:00 CEST 2003

Silly silly me .....

I just realised ... the folder above is locked .... hmmmmmm

Please ignore last mails :oops:



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have you published your classes too?

When not do this and then after that restart your Server.

Regards Achim

Questions about OpenCMS?

> Mark Miller>
> Hi all,
> A quick question about the beans in newshack . I have installed news
> and newshack (ie. beans into their class folder) but when I try to use
> the news.jsp page I keep getting a
> Resource loader error in file '/system/modules/bla bla bla/news.jsp'
> The news.jsp has the
> <jsp:useBean id="newsBean" scope="page"
> class="" />
> and then first instantiates the object in the line
> newslist = newsBean.getList();
> which is where the error is occurring.
> So it would seem that the class is not available, although I have
> restarted tomcat ... any ideas ????
> All the best,
> Mark
> PS. For those who like to answer with 'please search the ..', I have
> tried searching the list using 'newsBean', 'Resource loader error' and
> 'news.jsp' .. But I didn't find anything . maybe I'm blind .. or deaf
> or something.

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