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Fri Jun 27 14:51:00 CEST 2003

Hi Achim,
Thanks for the quick reply ....
I did try this before but to no avail ... however, what I did find is
that there is a lock on the file

com.opencms.core.CmsException: 1 Access denied. Detailed error:

which I cannot remove ... I logged on as admin but still can't remove
it. It tells me that the lock cannot be stolen because it is locked by
another user (very confused now)

once again .... any ideas ???? I am pretty sure that this has something
to do with the problem and it is probably because of the lock on this
file that I get the resource loader error .... at a guess.

All the best,


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have you published your classes too?

When not do this and then after that restart your Server.

Regards Achim

Questions about OpenCMS?

> Mark Miller>
> Hi all,
> A quick question about the beans in newshack . I have installed news
> and newshack (ie. beans into their class folder) but when I try to use
> the news.jsp page I keep getting a
> Resource loader error in file '/system/modules/bla bla bla/news.jsp'
> The news.jsp has the
> <jsp:useBean id="newsBean" scope="page"
> class="" />
> and then first instantiates the object in the line
> newslist = newsBean.getList();
> which is where the error is occurring.
> So it would seem that the class is not available, although I have
> restarted tomcat ... any ideas ????
> All the best,
> Mark
> PS. For those who like to answer with 'please search the ..', I have
> tried searching the list using 'newsBean', 'Resource loader error' and
> 'news.jsp' .. But I didn't find anything . maybe I'm blind .. or deaf
> or something.

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