[opencms-dev] Writing HTML directly into a vfs file

Joachim Arrasz info at arrasz.de
Fri Jun 27 12:41:01 CEST 2003

Hy Mathias,

the last time there was a module here called weather module. I think
theese developers made the same. They parsed some stuff in the internet
and after parsing they published directly a page.
Hope this helps a bit

regards Achim

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> Matthias Schmidt>
> Hi list,
> I have to write a Class that can directly write HTML code into a file
> in the vfs. I know that the file content of a file
> /myfile.html
> really is stored in a file
> /system/bodies/myfile.html
> inside an XML tag. I guess, there MUST be an OpenCms method that does
> exactly that for me, but I cannot find it. Has anybody got a hint for
> me? The Code
> and HTML editors must be using it, but I still cannot find it.
> Thanks in advance!
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