[opencms-dev] [jsptemplate] ??? com.opencms.core.CmsException JSP not found

Stephan Hartmann beffe at beffe.de
Thu Jun 26 22:44:01 CEST 2003

Hi Sebastian,

Am Don, 2003-06-26 um 21.42 schrieb Sebastián Alberoni:


> I think that maybe this warning about file extensions should be put in a
> future release of that howto tutorial in order to save time to starters who
> are a bit sleepy like me ;-)

it is in the alkacon documentation-jsp under "Introduction".
Sleepy in reading, too ? ;-)

> I'd worked with commercial CMS systems in the past, I've been studying
> opencms for a few days, and up to now I think that opencms is great!
> now I hope to discover a way to have these JSP templates stored outside
> opencms, in my file system, so that I can modify them with my JBuilder or
> any other tool instead of modifying them through my web browser..... if that
> is possible, this is really great.

What you are looking for is "Synchronisation management" in the
administration view.


> greetings,
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