[opencms-dev] Content Definition Creation and Template Elements

Stephen Scholtz stephen at bluespark.com
Thu Jun 26 22:32:52 CEST 2003

> Stephen Scholtz wrote:
> >    1. I saw in the list archives that somebody was looking for some 
> > example code on creating Content Definitions (CDs) in 
> OpenCMS, as the 
> > documentation on CDs is a bit sparse.  Does anybody have 
> these example 
> > files lying around, or can point me to some more detailed 
> documentation 
> > on making CDs?
> David Seikel wrote:
> If you look a little bit further you will find my reply to 
> that person. 
>   I gave a quickie tutorial on how to create a basic CD.

This the one you're talking about?




I just want to make sure I got this straight (open to anybody).  In all
the examples I've been reading about, Content Definitions have all been
about accessing Content in your own user created tables, not tables
created by the installation of OpenCMS. (in the news sample I've seen,
there's a sql command which creates a "news_channel" table and a
"news_entry" table)  OpenCMS somehow becomes aware of these new tables
with the inserting of the table names into the OpenCMS table

So, in a sense, you're using OpenCMS to edit content on your own
external tables via a Content Definition class that you have to write
yourself.  Is this correct?

So for this page,
<http://www.opencms.org/opencms/en/support/tour/6.html>, we're looking
at something produced by a Content Definition, not anything produced
somehow via JSP templates?  If this is true, how does OpenCMS know how
to display the fields for our Content Definition (ie. text field size,
implementation of the MS Word interface, etc. etc.), or is this part of
the "Back Office Module" component I've seen/read about, where you have
to create your own JSP templates and class files to handle the editing
and creating of data in your users tables, but in a nice interface
within OpenCMS?

   Stephen Scholtz
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