[opencms-dev] Re: Module sandbox -- Author of module sent by Frittoli

Paul D. Bain paulbain at pobox.com
Thu Jun 26 18:24:01 CEST 2003

At Thursday 6/26/03 07:57 AM, Alexander Kandzior wrote (on the email list 
"openCMS-dev at opencms.org"):

>A "Modules sandbox" has been added to the Download
>section at http://www.opencms.org. Preliminary but still useful versions
>of OpenCms modules developed by the community can now be made available
>in the sandbox.

>Also, it is important that it be clearly visible who has developed the
>module. This, of course, can be a company, a person or both. The reason is
>so that questions about the module can be directed to the right people.


         I have a question regarding the news module that you sent to the 
list most recently, the one you sent on 12 June, not the first one (which 
you sent on 29 May). The "zip" file that you sent on 12 June contains a 
file named "manifest.xml," which contains the following lines (near the 
beginning of the file):

                 <description>News Module 4 updated to run with OpenCMS 
                 <author>Salvatore D'Alonzo</author>
                 <email>salvatore.dalonzo at hp.com</email>

The word "author" does not appear anywhere in this file except in the 
snippet that I excerpted above. This information implies that the author of 
the news module is not you, but Salvatore D'Alonzo. Is this information 
correct? Or did you and Salvatore write the module together? Or are you the 
sole author? Is Salvatore the administrator of your OpenCMS installation? 
And did he do the exporting necessary to transform your work into a module?

         The zip file that you sent on 29 May does not contain a file named 
"manifest.xml." It contains source code only.

Paul Bain

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