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Alexander Langer al at al-arenal.de
Thu Jun 26 11:13:01 CEST 2003

The other question is whether every module submitted to Alkacon is
made public or whether they test it for a while, play around with it,

That's a question maybe the authors of the weather and news modules
could answer once they uploaded their work to alkacon.

By now, as you can see, there is no 3rd party module available. I'll
add a link to their upload facility on my site.

> At Wednesday 6/25/03 10:42 PM, Alexander Langer wrote:
>>Sure, but the last time you checked was quite some time ago, eh? ;)
>>Once these modules are part of the official distribution, I agree with
>>you, but that's just not the case right now and the documentation is
>>still missing some parts that are asked for here over and over again,
>>and I still hope [that] sometime someone [will be] able to provide some 
>>[writing] which I would offer [as a] download as long as the official
>>documentation does not provide these information.

> Alex,

>          I found this paragraph on the web site:

> <Beginning_of_paragraph>

> Extend the documentation and write "how-to"s

> Since the main OpenCms documentation is now HTML-based and managed as 
> OpenCms modules, it's easy to extend it. Perhaps you've faced challenges in 
> setting up or customizing OpenCms in special environments or according to 
> special requirements. If so, we suggest [that you] write a How-To module 
> about this topic and make it available on the Modules download section 
> using the ["Add-a-module"] download form.

> <End_of_paragraph>

> See http://www.opencms.org/opencms/en/development/contribute.html (half-way 
> down the page).

>          Because documentation can be written as a module, it can be made 
> available as a module using the URL I mentioned in my last message. I do 
> not know, however, whether writing a documentation module is easy -- it 
> could be hard.

>> > Alexander Langer wrote:
>> >> I just collected some modules that have been circulating in this list
>> >> for quite a while (news modules, weather module) and put the files
>> >> online. I'm looking forward to extend this service.
>> > Last time I checked,. the openCMS site has an area for this sort of
>> > thing.  We should use it for these modules, since that is where people
>> > should be looking first.

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