[opencms-dev] opencms modules website

Alexander Langer al at al-arenal.de
Thu Jun 26 04:56:00 CEST 2003

Sure, but the last time you checked was quite some time ago, eh? ;)

Once these modules are part of the official distribution, I agree with
you, but that's just not the case right now and the documentation is
still missing some parts that are asked for here over and over again
and I still hope and sometime someone is able to provide some further
readings which I would offer to download as long as the official
documentation does not provide these information.

> Alexander Langer wrote:
>> I just collected some modules that have been circulating in this list
>> for quite a while (news modules, weather module) and put the files
>> online. I'm looking forward to extend this service.

> Last time I checked,. the openCMS site has an area for this sort of 
> thing.  We should use it for these modules, since that is where people 
> should be looking first.

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