[opencms-dev] Modules Classes problem (Classpath ?)

Apostoly Guillaume ApostolyG at mail.europcar.com
Wed Jun 25 17:13:01 CEST 2003

Hi all,
I've downloaded the files needed for the htdig module, and tried to build
it. In fact i've got the same problem with a module i'm trying to build from
scratch : 
- i've created the module and put the files in the good structure : 
- i can see thoose files replicated on the real FS under :
Still, when i'm trying to include the package into a jsp page like this :
<%@ page session="false"
.CmsMessages,com.opencms.modules.search.htdig.*" %>
I'm getting this error : 
opcar/home_jsp_jsp.java:11: package com.opencms.modules.search does not
    [javac] import com.opencms.modules.search.htdig;

What must i do so that the jsp compiler sees the classes ?
Thanks by advance,
Guillaume APOSTOLY 
Business-Analyst EIS-BSD 
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