[opencms-dev] Template permissions?

David Seikel david.seikel at icemedia.com.au
Wed Jun 25 12:24:01 CEST 2003

> template to be accessed by some users only, and not by the others? As I am
> going to create different websites within OpenCms, I do not want the users
> of one site to use the template of another site. I hope I am clear enough...

By setting the permissions you can do that.  The r permision allows 
reading, and the v permission allows viewing in lists and things.

For example, create groups called site1 and site2.  Put all the users of 
site1 into the site1 group, and site2 users into the site2 group.

For the templates you want only site1 users to use, set the templates 
groups to site1 and the permissions to rwvr-v---.

Do the same for site2 templates.

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