[opencms-dev] Your article, "Nukes: the open source Java CMS"

Nicolas Delsaux nicolas.delsaux at online.fr
Tue Jun 24 12:30:02 CEST 2003

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003 09:46:20 +0100, Mark Robson <mark at gensortium.com> 
> I think the problem is in a definition of what CMS is.

Yes, for a part.
> The PostNuke people seem to think that CMS is a portal site with loads of 
> boxes with useless mini-applets everywhere (a la Slashdot).

Can't they think so ? Many portal tools pretend to be CMS tools. And in 
fact, they are, provided the definition of CMS is large enough.
> Unfortunately for actual *content management* i.e. where you actually 
> have content you want to manage rather than news, polls and other portaly 
> things, it's useless because it's totally tied to the concept of being a 
> portal.

Yes, but aren't those data content that you easily want to manage ?
> Whilst these engines have their place, it is different from OpenCMS.
> OpenCMS is not really designed for running portals, but ideal if you have 
> a web site which actually has its *own content to manage* - hence CMS

To my mind, OpenCMS, and other tools of this level, are done for managing 
strongly typed content, while, as an example, Nukes on JBoss can only 
manage web content, or database content.
> It's a confusing world, with all these pieces of software which don't 
> have anything to do with CMS claiming to be CMS.

Well, this is not only due to historical reasons, but also (and knowing 
Marc Fleury could help you to udnerstand that) due to personnal reasons. 
Marc Fleury is a French boss in a successing web company. Have I to get 
more precise and say that his own ego is enough powerfull to supply the 
whole Paris polulation ? Well, I don't think so. I suggest you, to get a 
closer look to the kind of guy he is, to read the JBoss whitepapers named 
Blue, white (and incoming red)...
> Mark

Nicolas Delsaux
"La société ne veut pas de nous ? Qu'elle se rassure, on ne veut pas d'elle 

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