[opencms-dev] Your article, "Nukes: the open source Java CMS"

Mark Robson mark at gensortium.com
Tue Jun 24 11:00:02 CEST 2003

> In the article,
> you make an interesting claim, that Nukes is "the first _comprehensive_
> open source, Java CMS engine on the market" (emphasis added). I consider
> this claim interesting because I am learning OpenCMS (at www.OpenCMS.org),
> a capable CMS that is released under the LGPL and written entirely as Java
> servlets....

I think the problem is in a definition of what CMS is.

The PostNuke people seem to think that CMS is a portal site with loads of 
boxes with useless mini-applets everywhere (a la Slashdot).

Unfortunately for actual *content management* i.e. where you actually have 
content you want to manage rather than news, polls and other portaly things, 
it's useless because it's totally tied to the concept of being a portal.

Whilst these engines have their place, it is different from OpenCMS.

OpenCMS is not really designed for running portals, but ideal if you have a 
web site which actually has its *own content to manage* - hence CMS

It's a confusing world, with all these pieces of software which don't have 
anything to do with CMS claiming to be CMS.


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