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Michael Lee mleejr at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 23 17:14:01 CEST 2003

Hello. I have a doozie...
I have multiple virtual hosts all on one box. They are handled fine through apache (<VirtualHost> settings). I have the pass through ok (JKMount). All is working ok for opencms. The problem is, I want the ability to have multiple cms systems for multiple domains. Can I create multiple 'sites' within one installation of opencms or do I need to change opencms to have a war file with its own webapp config for each domain.

I would like something like this...

http://www.domaina.com/webappnamea/index.jsp  where this is an instance of opencms web app for virtual host domaina. It would be nice to have its own path /webappname/ also.
http://www.domainb.com/webappnameb/index.jsp where this is either the same instance of opencms where the users have NO idea about domain a through the content in opencms or a different instance of opencms defined in another war or something.

Basically, I would like to have each of my domains, each under its own virtual host settings in apache, to have its own content sections that the others don't see (I don't care if they can type the url and get to it, just so the actualy content isn't mixed).

Also, I have this set up in JBoss/tomcat. I got this working, but I couldn't use the utf encoding it recommends because I couldn't get access to the java.exe -D..... param. I put the default encoding anywhere I found java.exe but nada. It's set up as a JavaService so who knows. I just used the default rs1924 or whatever its called.

Michael Lee
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