[opencms-dev] Multiple OpenCms systems connected to a single database

Alexander Langer al at al-arenal.de
Mon Jun 23 16:39:01 CEST 2003

With "database", do you mean a database management system or a created
database within a dbms?

If you want different OpenCMS systems connect to a single DBMS, just
create a uniqe database for every system / let each OpenCMS system
create a different db like opencms1, opencms2, ....

If all OpenCMS systems shall use the same db, just let OpenCMS create
the db when you do the first installation of OpenCMS and when
installing on the other systems, edit the database connection data and
put in the data of the first installation (db server, db name name,
user, ...).

> Hi friends,

> I like to use multiple OpenCms systems connected to a single database. I
> already have a Common hardware solutions like CISCO local director.
> How do I configure such a system, where can I read about that.
> Please give me a direction.

> Oren Mondshein
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> realcommerce

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