[opencms-dev] Installation problems with Oracle.

SebWazzup seb.wazzup at libertysurf.fr
Mon Jun 23 12:52:01 CEST 2003


I too encounter the same troubles with the "unique constraint violated"
thing. I couldnt afford to run opencms as the error appears at the first
attempt but the setup seems to be have completed. I had to repeat the
workplace importation step several times before it completes, maybe this
made several primary keys overlap.

[23.06.2003 11:43:26] <opencms_init> . Database fill default: yes
[23.06.2003 11:43:26] <opencms_init> [CmsDbAccess] fillDefaults()
starting NOW!
[23.06.2003 11:43:26] <opencms_critical> [CmsRbManager] Critical error
while loading resourcebroker
[23.06.2003 11:43:26] <opencms_critical> . Critical init error/3:
com.opencms.core.CmsException: Critical error while loading
[23.06.2003 11:43:26] <opencms_critical> OpenCms initialization error!

Could not connect to the database. Is the database up and running?

The database is up and is running.

My system is :

Solaris 7 sparc
Oracle 8.1.5 / oracleOci
java 1.4.0_01-b03
tomcat 4.0.1 standalone
opencms 5.0.0 Kaitain

I would really appreciate any tip about this error.

Thanks in advance,


Le Sat May 31 15:53:01 2003, opencms-dev at opencms.org (srini vas) a
ecrit ceci :

> Hi:
> I am using tomcat and trying to connect to oracle. I could able to
> create database & tables using OpenCms Wizard and when I am trying to
> create Workplace then unique constraint problem is coming. root cause
> was java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00001: unique constraint
> (OPENCMS.SYS_C001570) violated
> I couldnot able to complete the setup for this reason....
> Any help would be highly appreciated...

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