[opencms-dev] OpenCMS 5.0 error: Creating new project

Víctor López vlopez at amr.cl
Sun Jun 22 05:26:01 CEST 2003

I have installed OpenCMS 5.0 over my Redhat 7.2 and ussing:
Java 1.4
MySQL 4.0.1
Tomcat 4.1.124
NetScape 4.78

When i try to create a new project such as described in OpenCms User Manual,
opencms User Interface (over NetScape 4.78) reports error indicating:
"Mozilla Error- The document doesn´t have data".

Itself opencms log report the following error:
[21.06.2003 19:24:20] <opencms_info> [CmsLogin] Login user Admin
[21.06.2003 19:25:12] <opencms_critical> [CmsXmlWpTemplateFile]
Requested datablock  "time" not found in
RequestUri is

I attached
projectnew" file contents.

Does anybody knows how can i fix it?

best regards,
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