[opencms-dev] Adding Website Membership

M Butcher mbutcher at grcomputing.net
Sat Jun 21 23:40:02 CEST 2003

I'd like to add membership to the front-end website -- that is, I'd like
users to be able to sign up for membership to certain areas of the
published site (but no access to the CMS administration).

Not finding anything obvious about this in the OpenCMS documentation, I
had figured I would just develop my own, but then I noticed that there
is a table in the database called "CMS_WEBUSERS" which happens to have
all of the fields I would need anyway.

So... what is this table for? Is there already an existing API for
working with user membership? Can anyone point me toward documentation?



M Butcher <mbutcher at grcomputing.net>

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