[opencms-dev] Lucene index of opencms

Bryan LaPlante blaplante at netwebapps.com
Fri Jun 20 23:26:01 CEST 2003

Heads up,

As my workload stacks up here I am remembering that I was working on
integrating Lucene into opencms and I have a package of five classes and a
demo app (console) that will show how this can be done.

At the moment I need to put other tasks ahead of this one, so If anyone
would like the package just holler and I will be happy to email it to you.
What I had envisioned was to create a module with an administration point so
that you could navigate your file structure and use a checked tree to add
documents to the index.

There is a tag library built for use in jsp pages for searching your index
and you can get that now from Lucene-sandbox.
The package was written against lucene1.2

Bryan LaPlante

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