AW: [opencms-dev] how to import the following website?

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Fri Jun 20 10:15:02 CEST 2003

Hi Annie,
I think the point is, that you have to create a module.

Only the classes- and lib-folders of the modules are mirrored to the 
"real" filesystem, to the "real"
$TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/opencms/WEB-INF/classes resp. lib directories.

And thats the place where all classes and jars have to be placed, so
that they can be found by Tomcat.

The WEB-INF directory you have created (at least that's the impression I
get from your mail), seems just to be an ordinary folder in the virtual
filessystem of OpenCms. I would'nt look there for any classes if I were
a servlet engine...;-)

Hope I could help,

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Thomas März,

I have created a project ,in this project I have 
created a web application (myApp/).
My web application contained :
myApp/WEB-INF/lib(the jive.jar is in the "lib" directory.)

the directory "/system/bodies/myApp/WEB-INF/" is empty.

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> "annie" <annie at> writes:
> > Thomas März,thanks for your reply.  why the opencms can't find the
> > package?the packages needed is placed in a jive.jar file located in
> > the 'lib' directory,what's more,if the website is placed in the
> > webapps of tomcat, it work well.  can i carry out the function if i
> > don't create module?
> Which "lib"-directory, global for all applications, local for the
> specific one ore even also in the OpenCms-"lib" directory?
> Best Regards,
> Thomas März
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