[opencms-dev] new project question

Bryan LaPlante blaplante at netwebapps.com
Thu Jun 19 13:33:01 CEST 2003

After reading most all of the documentation I just need to confirm that I am
thinking in the right direction.

To create a new web site I will essentially be creating a module is that
right. In that module I will create a master template in the form of an
index.html page under the templates directory of my new module and then
create my site design templates under a folder called jsptemplates.

If I am right about the above I will be creating a new project based on the
directory structure created above. I started to create a project declaring a
folder that did not exist in any module and got an error, so that leads me
to believe that the above mentioned is true.

I have not been able to find info in the docs or demos as to how I can run
my new web site while hiding the fact that I am using opencms, in other
words I want to run http://www.mydomain.com/ and have that open
http://www.mydomain.com/opencms/opencms/mymodule/index.html is this

Thanks for everyone's help in the past and as I get more experience with
opencms I hope I can be of assistance to others.

Bryan LaPlante

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