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Stephan Hartmann beffe at beffe.de
Wed Jun 18 23:48:01 CEST 2003

Hi Chase,

channels are just ordinary folders but under another root folder than
the virtual file system. The root folder for the vfs is /default/vfs/
while the root folder for channels is /default/cos/.
You can switch to the other context by calling
Then you can read channels just as normal folders and also their
properties. The channel's id is also a property "channelid".
If you are ready with channels don't forget to switch back to the vfs by


Am Mit, 2003-06-18 um 17.47 schrieb Urich, Chase:
> I successfully used some of the methods you listed to get the list of
> channels and iterate across them. Now ... I'm lost as to how to retrieve
> channel information (such as title) when the only identifying
> informaiton I have is the path of the channel. I do not have it's ID,
> nor do I know hw to get it.
> Is there any real documentation pertaining to channels anywhere? If I
> knew where to look for some of this, I'd do it on my own. Aside from
> searching the source code for the methods I've been given here
> (CmsChannelContent), I have not had any luck on my own location classes
> that pertain to channels.
> Chase Urich
> LeTourneau University
> Web Programmer
> "you can read all channels of a ContentDefinition with the method
> getAllSubChannelsOfRootChannel and then iterate over these channels. to
> get all channels of a cd you may use getChannels or getSelectedChannels
> (this cuts off the root channel)."
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